Dis.abled Elephant Rescued After 20 Years of A.buse

Meet Kabu, an elephant in Thailand, was rescued after mistreatment and stormy conditions.

For more than 20 years, Kabu worked in a mountain village, transporting logs along steep roads. Forced to continue working with an injured leg, she eventually became physically deb.ilitated limp because the injury failed to heal correctly. But that didn’t stop her master from riding on her back.

That is not all. According to Lek Chailert, who runs the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Kabu lost two children when they were young.

One is sold to a tourist camp, and the other d.ied during “training” – a cru.el process that often involves be.ating and keeping baby elephants in cages to tame them for work.

Chailert and a group of volunteers came to the village to take her back to Elephant Nature Park, a famous sanctuary for mistreated elephants in Thailand. During the 12-hour truck ride home, the rescuers fed Kabu banana and tamarind and poured water on her to cool her from the heat.

Thailand is flooded with stories of animal a.buse, as elephants are exploited for the lucrative tourism industry. By the time elephants were rescued, Chailert says, most a.bused elephants had mental problems that take years to undo.

At first, Kabu looked scared when she entered the new environment when she arrived at the park. But the warm welcome she received from the other elephants quickly calmed her down.

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2 thoughts on “Dis.abled Elephant Rescued After 20 Years of A.buse”

  1. lorraine ferguson

    i shed a tear for any creature maimed her life in poverty pain cruelty…..no medical help….. hopefully a team of veternarians will take the challenge to rebreak or mental support her front leg along with constant arthritis medication ….. It would be a gift for her to be allowed to have final mobility while aging…..then her mental anguish will subside in her new home and not alone

  2. My heart breaks if I see animals are being abused. Elephants are such a loving and harmless giants. How could people dare to abuse them. Sometimes animals are more human than people with devilish abusive mentality.

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