Moring exercise – Elephant chasing after safari jeep

This elephant really isn’t the morning person as it chases after a Safari jeep.

Safari guide Marius Zeilinga was driving with his tracker, Eric, and three guests on February 6 when they came across the elephant.

The elephant was feeding on the side of the road while they were driving in Balule Game Reserve, South Africa, so the group stopped for a closer look.

When the elephant got too close for comfort, the instructor started driving away before the bull started chasing the jeep to make sure they kept moving along.

“The elephant was in musth at that time, so his testosterone level was higher than normal, and they were a bit aggressive and unpredictable during that time,” Marius said.

“This type of behavior is not uncommon when they are in musth, but as long as you keep a safe distance, there is nothing to worry about.

“It is a wonderful sight to experience.

“The guests couldn’t stop talking about it.

“For them, it was most likely a once-in-a-lifetime experience and something they will always remember.”

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