Elephant has a strange pair of tusks that curve backwards

A team of wildlife experts have discovered the elephant with the strange pair of tusks in a palm field on the island of Borneo in the state of Sabah, Malaysia. Its tusks grow downward instead of upward as usual.

Sen Nathan, assistant director of the Sabah State Wildlife Authority, said: “This is a scarce case. “We don’t know why ivory has grown like that. It could be a birth defect or parent’s inbreeding.”

This can be a birth defect or a parent’s inbreeding.

Mr. Sen Nathan, a similar elephant, was also discovered in Sabah state in 2015. Authorities plan to move the elephant with the ingrown tusk to a wildlife park until a habitat is found suitable for it.

An elephant has normally growing tusks.

Andrew Sebastian, a co-founder of conservation and tourism organization Malaysia, said: ‘Its tusks resemble a prehistoric saber-toothed tiger, but of course, they are not related. “This can help Wildlife tourism in Sabah becomes more attractive”.

A study 10 years ago showed that about 2,000 elephants were living in Sabah state. Mr Nathan said the biggest threat to elephants here is not illegal po.ac.hing but habitat loss.

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