Elephant mom helps newborn elephant stand for the first time

There was a time when we were kids that we all had to learn to walk! Like babies, we didn’t “pop” out and started running around the hospital room. In fact, human babies are incredibly vulnerable when we are born, and it takes quite a while for us to gain our independence.

However, learning to walk for certain animals is not something they can stop until they feel ready!

People begin to try and walk when they are nearing a year of life.

Your baby’s first steps could come as early as eight months or as late as halfway through their second year of life. But you’ll have plenty of warning when it’s coming because your baby will have been cruising and trying to balance for a while. – Healthline

We all go at our own pace, but it takes at least a few months before we make this process! Pushing up, crawling up, and standing up, all need to happen before we try and take our first steps.

A video shows how elephants take their first steps and it’s fantastic.

The video depicts a newborn baby elephant and his mother working together! It takes a human up to a year to start trying their first steps as we mentioned before.

On the other hand, the baby elephant hit the ground after being born (a solid three-foot fall) and was immediately asked by his mother to walk again!

Labor lasts several days. The elephant slowly expels the amniotic sac, which contains the calf, and may burst during labor. If it does not break, it cushions the calf’s fall of 2 to three feet to the ground and bursts upon impact. – Sciencing

Imaging falling three feet as a kid, waking up and being told to walk!

We can see that in the video. The mother elephant uses her trunk to support her baby and encourage him to stand. When he stands, he shivers and shakes because it’s the first time he’s used his muscles! Lifting his weight (165 lbs) for the first time can seem like a daunting task!

Although it seems crazy for a mother to force her to leave so early, it is necessary.

Elephants have no luxury in sitting in a hospital room while giving birth! They are in a field, and you never know when a hungry lion might be lurking around. Learning to walk so early gives them a survival advantage, which is extremely helpful for them!

Elephants are very encouraging.

A baby needs a lot of encouragement to walk! Turns out, so are elephant calves!

Mother, aunt, sister, and matriarch are essential for the development of calves. The speed of the flock is adjustable, so kids can keep up.

Calves learn which plants are edible and how to obtain them by watching their adults. Mothers and aunts are almost always in contact with their children, offering guidance and help. – Sea World.

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