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Elephant stand up on its hind legs to reach a jackfruit at the top of a tree

This is the moment a hungry elephant stood on its hind legs to pluck a jackfruit from the top of a 25ft tree in southern India.

The elephant was filmed stretching out in the trees in Silent Valley National Park in Palakkad district in Kerala state earlier this month.

Footage shows the elephant rear up and grabbing the snack from its trunk while flapping its ears to keep cool in the 93.2F (34C) heat.

An Indian elephant stands on its hind legs to reach a jackfruit up a 25ft tree in Silent Valley National Park of Palakkad District in the state of Kerala
The elephant begins by eating food from the ground before looking up to assess the height of the tree in 93.2F (34C) heat

The elephant stands by the tree, eating food on the ground, before looking up to gauge the fruit’s height.

The elephant then stretched its hind legs up the tree with its mouth open, placing its front legs on the trunk.

It stretched out its trunk to grab the fruit and break it from the branch, causing it to fall to the ground, where the elephant began to eat it.

The Indian elephant, which can grow to 11.5 feet tall and weigh 787 stones.

The elephant brings the fruit to the ground where it can eat it. Indian elephants can grow up to 11.5 feet tall and weigh 787 stone

Wild Elephants with relaxing music

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