Elephants destroyed all banana trees, except the one with nests

A short video showing how the jungle elephant destroyed all banana trees in a village in Tamil Nadu, except the one with a bird’s nest, went viral on social media.

Elephants are often considered giant creatures because they can tear through trees and sometimes cause terrible destruction. But most of us tend to ignore the fact that there is something different between humans and species that makes them intelligent creatures compared to other animals.

A video has now gone viral on the internet showing how a group of wild elephants destroyed a banana plantation in a village in Tamil Nadu, except for a tree with a bird’s nest on it.

The video, which is a short clip from a local news channel, was shared on Twitter by Indian Forestry Bureau (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda on Friday. In the clip, people assess the destruction of wild elephants while the nest remains intact and undamaged.

“This is why elephants are called gentle giants. All banana trees have been destroyed, except for trees with nests. The wonderful nature of the gods ”, the IFS official captioned the video. Susanta Nanda has also tagged a user, identified as Gowrishankar, for sharing the footage with him.

The viral video has garnered many likes and views on Twitter, with people appreciating the more sensitive elephants.

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