Elephants save the baby from herd of hyenas

This is the moment a protective mother elephant fi.ghts a swarm of savage hyenas that at.tack her calf.

In a bloody encounter with 18 hyenas, the weak elephant was momentarily separated from the herd – its tail was BITTEN OFF.

The heartbroken boy is pictured cowering under his mother when the growling animals continued to circle.


A group of hunters was startled – alerted to an elephant squeak – witnessed the angry mother trample her growling swarm, repeatedly kicking out her legs and swinging her hose to scatter them.

Some trees were uprooted after she awakened.


The brutal confrontation took place in the bushes of Linyanti, Botswana, and began when 18 hyenas surrounded two female elephants and their offspring before a smaller group managed to separate one of the calves.

While the mother was fi.ghting them, the larger herd jumped into the lonely child and continued to bite his tail while bouncing on his back.

Tour guide James Weis, from Eyes of Africa, a travel agency, witnesses the anger of the elephant’s motherhood instinct as it leaps up to protect the baby.


James recalls, “Not alone for more than 10 seconds when the mother was back and even angrier.”

They were playing a dangerous game because there is a hyena in her way. It will be released through the air like a bean bag.

She rushed in packages and knocked over the trees as if they were matches and the hyenas fled in a cloud of dust thrown up by the mother. ”

Despite losing its tail, the baby elephant still lived to fi.ght for one more day.

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