Fantastic Moments When the Herd of Elephant Celebrate Of Newborn Calf

While a group of tourists was going on a safari in South Africa, they were getting a wonderful surprise.

Travel on a safari is an unbelievable adventure. You can see majestic, magnificent creatures in their natural habitat and get a look at their world.

When you travel to any foreign country, it’s a chance to learn about different experiences and cultures. Tourists need to do that.

Most people don’t get to see wild elephants every day, let alone watching wild elephants give birth! It was an incredible experience.

When the mother gave birth, the baby was standing up, so the baby fell to the ground. It still cannot stand up on its own. The other elephants gathered around their mother and baby and began to blow the trumpet.

The herd’s on the trumpet for 2 reasons. First, they are celebrating their newest member and showing the world how happy they are. Second, they’re sending out a warning to anyone nearby that they shouldn’t come any closer.

They seemed to be sensing the tourists’ presence. We couldn’t blame them for being a bit worried about them. There have been many stories out there about people interfering with animals’ everyday lives when they shouldn’t, perhaps in hopes of getting famous for their ten seconds on social media.

Isn’t this just a fantastic moment to be able to see? We can’t assume how special it felt to have seen this with our own eyes.

In the video below, you will witness this horrifying moment with your own eyes. We bet it will be hard for you to take your eyes off the screen.

The way the swarms defend and celebrate their newest member is sweet and easy to relate to. A new family member is always memorable, and meeting a baby for the first time is always a beautiful moment.

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