Heartbreaking! Villagers FI.REBO.MB elephants to stop them going on crops in India

This is the moment an.gry residents in India launched fi.rebo.mbs at a mother elephant and her calf in a bid to stop the confused animals wandering onto their crops in India.

The images taken in Bishnupur, India, show the extreme lengths the inhabitants go to deter elephants from damaging their property.

Men can be seen hurling fi.rebo.mbs at a mother and its calf, with the flames causing the panicked animals to run across a road. In another picture, villagers launch stones at a herd passing through their community.

Heartbreaking photos also show a family of elephants attempting to navigate a railway line built straight through their habitat.

Elephants wandering into villages and communities is an increasingly common occurrence amid deforestation across India.

An.gry villagers go to extreme lengths to chase off elephants in the town of Bishnupur, India. Here a mother and a small calf are being chased away by locals using at least four fi.rebo.mbs
As the pair of elephants trying to cross the road in India they are chased away by the locals who repeatedly launch a barrage of fi.rebo.mbs at the huge animals as they flee to take shelter
If villagers do not have access to fi.rebo.mbs to make the elephants leave, they use burning torches to wave at the huge beats. Here a group of men is chasing away a herd of wild elephants
If they are not swiping at the elephants with fiery sticks, then the villagers are taking pictures of them on their mobile phones. Here a group of young men chases away a herd of wild elephants while brandishing their camera phones to record the incident
A mother elephant and her calf try to navigate the railway tracks constructed through their natural habitat. Photographer Biplab Hazra said the aim of his pictures was to heighten awareness about the issues that elephants face with the increasing threat their habitat is under
A group of men chases away a herd of wild elephants as they walk across a wide road in Bishnupur, India. Elephants encroaching out of their habitats is an increasingly common occurrence with deforestation in much of the country
A large herd of elephants crosses a railway track that has been built across their natural habitat in Bishnupur, India. Photographer Biplab Hazra, who took the heartbreaking images said: ‘There are many elephant corridors in human habitations’
An angry elephant chases a group of men across farmland as they run through knee-deep water and high crops. Mr. Hazra added: ‘This happens because the villagers have to save their crops’
A mother elephant and her calf try to navigate the railway tracks constructed through their habitat in Bishnupur, India. Mr. Hazra added: ‘I try to show and spread my photos to increase public awareness on the matter’

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