Heartwarming moment elephants help a panicking calf climb up a river bank in South Africa

This is a heartwarming moment when a large herd of elephants stops to help a panicked calf climb the steep riverbank.

A young pachyderm tries to follow a giant adult on a mountain slope in the MalaMala Game reserve in South Africa.

But the flounder and its journey as it plunged on the steep cliff above the Cat River.

The baby flounders and trips as it scrapes away at the ledge looming above the Sand River in the MalaMala Game reserve, South Africa

It decides to try another route by doubling back and trudging up an even steeper slope near the herd.

Despite constantly stroking the lumpy soil around this new obstacle, the baby elephant made little progress.

It decides to try a different route by doubling back and trudging up an even steeper slope nearer the herd, with three adults lending a hand

Fortunately, three of the older animals discovered the calf in danger and ran to lend a hand.

But the boy appeared refusing their help and tried to do it himself by rushing up a smaller ridge.

After stretching the front legs across the mound, the cows rushed to help and used their bodies to pull the offspring up.

As the calf continues to paw at the ground with its front two limbs, one adult drags it up and another nudges it from behind (pictured)

As the calf continued to pounce on the ground with its front limbs, an adult pulled it up, and another nudged it from behind.

Then the herd was on their way into the bushes and out of the Sand River oasis, with the calves gathered near her mother.

Timothy Van Vuuren, 28, who is a ranger and often returns to the bushes, said: ‘The view was quite peaceful and a large herd of elephants went down to the Sand River drinking and playing in the late afternoon before heading up in the direction of the bushes across an embankment.

The herd then carry on their way into the bush and away from the Sand River oasis, with the baby huddled close to its mother

‘I remember looking at the high step on the embankment and seeing how small the calf in the herd was and knew it would be very hard to get there. That’s when I decided to start filming. ”

He continued: ‘I felt very sorry for the baby when he started to panic, but the elephant is an elephant, very family-oriented, the calf doesn’t have to struggle for too long before his family comes to the rescue.’

He added: ‘We were delighted when they helped a small child get up and cross the embankment.’

Mala Mala Game Preserve is the largest and oldest private grand game sanctuary in South Africa.

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