Huge elephant called Jumbo chases a car after being spooked by a speeding driver

This was when a giant elephant plopped into the back of a car after being speed on the road in Kenya.

The photos captured the enraged matriarch standing on top of the car as it looked ready to trample before the car sped away.

Mwangi Kirubi, 43, on a camping trip, took the photos while driving on the road for a short distance when two speeding cars scared the elephant.

“We split into two groups and traveled in two cars. We were sitting peacefully enjoying the company of the elephants until two other vehicles sped towards us and hooted us to give way for them.”

“I don’t know where they went, but they were in a hurry and bypassed the 40km/h [25mph] speed limit of the park.”

“I didn’t think it provoked the elephants too much until from inside my car I saw the herd’s matriarch approach the other car, which contained other photographers and threatened to attack.”

Fortunately, the car made it to a safe place and let the matriarch return to the herd.


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