Video the hunters were charged after rescuing baby elephant from the mud

A group of hunters fell into a monstrous situation when rescuing a baby elephant from a puddle of mud.

After finding out that the youngster was trapped, the buffalo hunters decided to help him.

But after pulling the elephant up with a rope, they were forced to turn around and run away when the stressed animal takes shape to plunge into them.

Fortunately, the rescuers were able to escape before they or the elephant was injured.

A group of hunters got themselves into a sticky situation when rescuing a baby elephant from the mud.

Professional photo guide Norman Crooks was with the group in Chirundu, Zimbabwe, when they discovered the baby.

“A member of the National Park and Wildlife Department played a game with the reserve students and found an elephant under three years old trapped in the mud a few hundred years away,” he said.

“Her mother was standing nearby and was exhausted from trying to get the boy out all night.

“As soon as the group arrived, she pleaded with them for help, so they pulled back and informed our hunting camp.

After discovering the trapped youngster the buffalo hunters decided to turn their hand to conservation.

“We immediately gave up on our buffalo hunting and came to help because I knew from experience that when animals are stuck, they don’t last long.

“At this time of year, in direct sunlight, the temperature is 42 degrees, the sun and the stress of the struggle can quickly cost them.

“When I went to the others from the hunting camp, we found the elephant in the mud, nowhere to be found.

“The first thing to do is to pour water on the boy to cool down, which seemed to help revive him.

But after hauling the elephant to its feet again with a rope they were forced to turn and flee when the stressed animal shaped up to charge them.

“He was pretty ferocious and lunged at us with his trunk, but in the end, we managed to get a rope underneath him.

“We attached a rope to our jeep and started pulling, and he came out slowly but surely.

“After two or three tugs, he went out and got up, and all the hell disintegrated. The young bull lunged at us immediately.

“Fortunately, the rope sagged and opened, and he was free to join a herd of elephants nearby.

“We checked the next day, and he was reunited with his mom and one sister.

“It was a happy ending and we were all in over the moon.

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