Photographer captures incredible video of rare ‘pink’ elephant calf

No, you don’t get drunk – these incredible photos show a rare “pink” baby elephant defying odds to survive in the wild.

The rare baby elephant was born with albinism to a wild elephant in the Masai Mara and has now been captured on camera by ranger Mostafa Elbrolosy.

Mostafa, who runs a hunting camp, had heard of the birth of a baby elephant but the photographer said he was surprised when he saw the adorable baby elephant for himself.

“It was a rare sighting,” he said.

“Rare creatures are always the most fascinating to any wildlife photographer and having the opportunity to see and photograph it was like a dream.”

“When I lived in Masai Mara running my cozy camp here, I got the news over the radio about a female elephant giving birth to an albino baby.

“I finished my work, packed my camera, and went looking for it with one of our guides.

“We received a surprise in the afternoon after a long silent search with only a few people coming to see it because no one expected it to be an albino.

“I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to see and photograph this extremely rare baby.”

Elbrolosy said the newborn calf is extremely rare and is thriving despite the harsh sun that wasn’t suitable for it.

“It is very well surrounded and protected by the herd, trying to feed on its mother and walk with her.

“It’s only eight hours old.

“We are delighted to see such a wonderful sight.”

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