Man confused elephant & giraffe symbols on toilet doors, seeks help on Internet

Washroom signs can sometimes get a little too creative, especially when it fails to sort its users properly.

In Taiwan, a man encountered confusing toilet signs and took to a Facebook group(roughly translated as “viral trash news community”) to share his experience.

He uploaded photos of both toilet doors in his post and asked, “Which one is the male toilet?”

One was of an elephant, and the other, a giraffe:

This is a screenshot of his post:

Internet weigh in

In his post’s comments section, some responses suggested that he should just enter any door to find out.

“If you pull the door, you’ll find out right away.

This is hard, want to go in both.

I want to know the right answer! ~”

Some also guessed that the elephant logo indicated the male toilet:

“The male toilet should be the elephant.


If you pee at the door, someone will come and tell you the answer.”

“The left is for the guys. The right is for those who wish to peep at those on the left.

I can understand the elephant, but what about the giraffe?

What does the giraffe mean???”

The elephant symbol was for the male toilet.

The man who put up the Facebook post subsequently posted an update confirming that the elephant logo symbolized the male toilet.

And in response, some commenters speculated the reasoning behind it.

Some suggested that the way an elephant sprays water resembles a urinating man:

And the way giraffes urinate resemble how ladies do their business:

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