Orphaned elephants always line up to hug the woman who saved their lives

Like many other wild species, the African elephant population has declined dramatically due to po.ac.hing, over the last years.

Every year, countless species of these giant mammals are hunted, for their tusks, leaving many helpless orphaned babies behind. Fortunately, some of these orphaned elephants were eventually rescued.

The Nairobi Elephant Orphanage in Kenya is one of the few places where orphaned baby elephants find protection and solace.

An extremely dedicated team of conservationists takes care of the precious baby elephants here. Although life has not been easy for a calf that lost its parents to excessive poaching, the kindness and dedication of volunteers at the orphanage helped them get through.

Among them is Dame Daphne Sheldrick – a kind-hearted person. In fact, she’s the woman who made this happen after she dedicated her life to rescuing animals.

For more than four decades, hundreds of animals have had a second chance at survival, thanks to this woman.

For all those years, Dame Daphne has successfully nurtured newborn baby elephants. In this way, she and her team helped hundreds of them get back into the wild.

In addition to her hard work and all the enthusiasm she put in, Dame Daphne Sheldrick has found a perfect milk formula that resembles the mother’s milk.

The woman claims that the orphaned elephants not only inspired her pioneering conservation work through the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, but they also taught her a lot about how to live.

“The elephants have taught me how to put the bad things behind, turning the page and move on with living,” she said.

“Understanding the trauma that elephants face and how they deal with it has made me a stronger person.” And in return for her kindness, the elephants she rescued rewarded her as sweetly as possible. Check it out below!

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