Ostriches take care of orphaned elephants at the animal sanctuary

Wild animals have proven time and time again their ability when it comes to comfort each other. Even when it’s tough, there are countless acts of kindness and unlikely friendships between animals of different species. It’s always heart-melting when a story like this comes out.

However, the friendship between an ostrich and an elephant seems too much, but not with Jotto and Pea. The unlikely but bonded duo met at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust – an elephant orphanage in Kenya.

The baby elephant was only a month old when it was separated from his herd. Luckily for him, he was rescued by volunteers at Sheldrick Wildlife, and he got a second chance to live.

Not long after, rescuers found Pea and Pod, two orphaned ostrich babies, and they also brought them to the sanctuary. But little did they know that elephants and ostriches would get along very well.

Cyprian, a curator at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, recalls: “Just as the team was preparing the calf on a mattress to be loaded onto the plane, they were asked to rescue two orphaned ostriches.

“The chicks were handed over and put on a plane with the baby elephant that was rescued and flown to Nairobi.”

As soon as they met, Jotto and Pea found the love and compassion they always remembered in each other. A special, unbreakable bond holds them together to move on after all they’ve been through. Now, they spend time together playing and cuddling.

“After that, they started to stay with the herds all day in Nairobi National Park…” the manager said. “From that point on, they became part of the Nursery Orphans.”

“It’s safe to say that orphaned ostrich Pea definitely believes she is part of the elephant herd and baby Jotto is happy to cuddle with her feathered friend,” the sanctuary wrote in a post.

“Beautiful moments of tenderness at Nairobi Nursery, where these two orphans and many others are being given the opportunity to heal, and when they are ready, they will return to the wild.”

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