Pair of elephants team up to save calf that fell into pool

The incredible scene shows a pair of elephants working together to rescue a calf from drowning.

Recorded in Grand Park Zoo in Seoul, South Korea; The incredible video shows the baby elephant falling into a swimming pool in a wildlife sanctuary while standing next to one of the adult elephants.

The baby elephant is pictured falling into the large pool at the wildlife enclosure in South Korea
Another gentle giant rushes over to help the drowning infant
The two adults are unable to fish the baby out with their trunks
The quick-thinking duo then move round to the shallow end together and enter the water
The pair rescue the baby and guide it back to dry land

As the infant struggled desperately in the deep water, the second adult rushed over from the other side of the pond to help the struggling animal.

But when the two gentle giants realized they couldn’t fish from the depths using their trunks, they appeared to come up with a plan.

In an anxious minute, the quick-witted couple ran to the shallow poolside and jumped into the water.

They rushed to the child and helped guide him around the pool to safety.

A third elephant that can be seen behind the fence is distressed because of the infant’s predicament.

The clip ends with the baby elephant being taken by two adults to the dry land.

Watch the full video below to enjoy this incredible moment of nature:

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  1. Elephants are so clever …they really look after each other favourite animal …have so many pictures and ornaments inside and out …im known as the elephant lady lol

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