Playful baby elephant tickled his sibling in adorable footage

This is the amusing moment when a baby elephant appears to squirm on the ground with laughter as his older brother tickles him with his trunk.

The playful animals were captured on video by wildlife photographer Lee-Anne Robertson from Sundays River Valley, South Africa.

The mischievous creatures were seen scrambling over one another during their games.

‘”I thought he was adorable, just like any newborn,” recalls Lee-Anne. He was full of life and searching for someone to play with.’

‘He fell himself down on the ground, and his older brother approached him playfully with his trunk as if to ask him to come to play, at which point the baby responded and got up to climb on his brother.’


The roles were reversed when the younger elephant got on top of his brother, who was lying down.

‘Elephants are incredible creatures that love their family members very much and have a tremendous amount of patience as well as compassion,’ Lee-Anne said.

The lovable creature then proudly strutted away after spending time with his family at the national park.

The wildlife photographer indicated that her photographs demonstrate how elephants are loyal to their families and patient with one another.

‘Babies are cherished and protected, which is obvious in this clip since the mother remains near to enjoy her happy little family,’ she added.

Lee-Anne said: ‘I loved watching the antics, and I am glad I have the footage to look back on it. It made me smile a lot.’

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