Playful wild elephants splash in the pool at the South Africa safari lodge

Imagine you are enjoying a sunny day at the pool, and suddenly a herd of elephants rushes in. That’s exactly the kind of encounter this guy met at a safari lodge in South Africa. And instead of running away, he just sat there and recorded the lovely experience on his cellphone.

Paul Andrew Schofield is the 34-year-old general manager at the Bukela Game lodge on the Amakhala Game Reserve, and he recently had a rather enjoyable experience sitting by the accommodation’s pool.

A man captured the touching moment a family of elephants made their way from the bushes to the swimming pool. It was a sunny day, so the giant creatures decided to cool off a bit.

Even taken by surprise, Schofield is very familiar with the elephant family. He’s been working there for more than ten years, and during this time, he developed an extraordinary relationship with large mammals.

However, that day at the pool, he had no idea where the herd was nearby. But even so, Schofield was very impressed when bringing their children close to the human presence.

“I felt quite emotional when the herd felt safe enough to bring the youngsters near the pool while I was there,” he said. “They are very protective and will keep children away from any strange shapes or creatures.”

At first, a large bull approached the pool, but soon the whole family, including several babies, followed it. It is so difficult for elephants to find water during the dry season, so with a pool nearby, things will be a little easier for them.

However, quenching their thirst is not the only reason they visit the pool. They also took advantage of the visit to have some fun, and splash games are on the menu too!

“They absolutely enjoy the refreshment because it was a good 100 degrees,” Schofield
said. “I feel they feel quite safe and drink very comfortably in my presence right there.”

Check out the adorable moment here:

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