Safari photographer was stunned to see “Nessie” in Botswana photos

A photographer was stunned when he thought he’d spotted the Loch Ness monster lurking during her holiday snaps.

The photo, which shows the famous Scottish legend, was captured on camera in Botswana, Africa, but it is actually a semi-submerged elephant upon closer inspection.

The funny pictures were taken by Dafna Ben Nun, 39 years old from Israel.

Dafna, a professional wildlife photographer, said: “I went to Africa to photograph and learn about the wildlife there, and I was told this year was the driest year in the last 20 years, so animals need water.

“While taking pictures on the Chobe River (the water level is quite low at this point), I saw a herd of elephants going down to the river to cool off.

“They crossed the river while diving and splashing and most of the time just leave their trunks on the water like the Loch Ness monster to me.

“It was so much fun and made me laugh!”


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