Say Cheese! Adorable Moment Baby Elephant Appears To Smile For The Camera

Say cheese! This adorable baby elephant radiates pure joy as he appears to beam a ginormous smile for the camera.

Photographer Ryan Labuschagne caught the heartwarming sh.ot while watching the herd play at the Addo Elephant National Park near Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Ryan said: “Seeing this small baby elephant running towards me away from his mother and giving this look was showing true happiness.

“I was photographing when a herd of elephants made a run towards the dam.


“The baby elephants were running beside their mothers with so much energy and life.

“This young baby male, who was the smallest, made a run towards me with his mother behind.

“He gave a mock charge while running within five meters from me with his trunk swinging around.

“He stopped in front of me for few seconds with what appeared to look like a big smile.

“He was full of spirit and had so much confidence.


“Photographing and watching baby elephants is always special, but this one was different as I have never seen such a happy elephant before.”



Wild Baby Elephants with relaxing music

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