Stubborn baby elephant afraid of crossing stream holds up traffic until his family lends some Help

A video uploaded by a traveler simply named Elena has garnered over 6.8 million views since it was uploaded.

That’s partly because it’s attractive and adorable – a baby elephant is trying to cross the street with her mother but can’t drag herself across the water-filled divider on the side.

But we’re pretty confident some are watching it because it’s a premium class of frustrating YouTube viewers – almost hilarious. (If you really want to challenge yourself, watch the full video without reading any of the comments first. You’ll see what we mean.)

It is not clear where the video took place. Still, these are African elephants, and some of the most popular places to see elephants are Botswana, Kenya, and Zimbabwe.

Both Elena and her driver (as well as the oncoming driver) are safe and respectful when looking at animals from inside their vehicle. But everyone was fascinated by the sight of the stubborn calf.

Many of us will be tempted – perhaps out of absolute empathy – to go out and help this mother and her baby. That’s what the puddle is – it is certainly not a water hazard. However, this baby elephant is NOT interested in crossing it to cross the street.

He even tried AWOL a couple of times, but mom didn’t.

She tried everything from pushing him along with her trunk to trying to put him under her body and moving him forward with her feet to get him to move. But there are no dice.

Anyone who has ever wrapped up a toddler will realize nearly every moment of this struggle, including escape attempts.

If elephants can put their hands on their hips, sternly say their names (including their middle names) through their teeth and punish them for not only doing this * a simple thing *, so they can continue their day. That’s what we’ll see.

But their discipline options were limited. So I tried, again and again, to let the baby cross the street.

And elephants are known to be good mothers, so she is extremely patient, especially because her baby really seems scared.

Females often help each other raise the calf, so this mother gets help from another herd member – even if it doesn’t cost much in the end.

Apparently, both adults are trying to demonstrate how to cross the street without fear. They hope to cross the point where a small puddle never hurts anyone.

But baby elephants seem to think getting wet feet is the worst thing ever. Obviously, there is no reason for a child of any kind!

It almost climbed onto its mother as if pleading not to go. And for a moment, we wondered if some of them could get together to carry it over the obstacle with their crate.

But, hey, we all have to learn how to cross the puddle at some point successfully. And I have chosen this as a teachable moment.

While both vehicles seem a bit close to animals (perhaps trying to get them to do things fast – which is ironic, since they are theoretically there to observe elephant behavior), they back away again as the elephant approaches.

(And there’s a protective moment when an elephant basically rammed them for the support!)

No one wants to mess with a depressed mother or spouse with a stubborn child.

Remember to scroll down below to see some of the cuter moments from this video.
Just trust us when we say the video was flawed when it comes to the climax!

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  1. Margo A Sherren

    Quite irritating to watch such a long video of Baby Elephant trying to cross a ditch of water… and when the Baby finally does cross the video shows the inside of the car’s back seat! The most important part was not videoed… so why post this… nice Elephants terrible video!

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