Sweet moment the whole elephant family protected a baby separated from its mother

Family love is the only love that is truly selfless, unconditional and forgiving. And this is no exception for families from the animal kingdom, especially elephants. There is something magical and beautiful about these animals that can capture our hearts and touch our souls.

Just like humans, elephants have emotions and can form strong relationships that last a lifetime. Parents elephants are very protective and caring. They protect their children from dangers and teach them how to live in dangerous wild environments. When a baby or most vulnerable person is threatened, the family closes ranks and pushes the child in the middle to protect it.

Recently, a wildlife photographer named Peter Delaney was lucky enough to witness the sweet moment an elephant family tried to protect their baby from a bull elephant. The large and angry animal kicked the baby and tried to separate it from its mother.

When the newborn elephant squealed, all the herds immediately surrounded it, reaching behind to reassure it. They were gentle and told him it was safe and secure.

“It was a wonderful moment when my wife Nicolinah and my son Neo, 3, were in the car with me as I photographed the family of elephants protecting their newborn. At one point, they were annoyed when the bull kicked the baby elephant, its cry affecting all of us.

They asked me to move out of sight as they were struggling to cope with the events. Fortunately, the herd gathered around the baby, allowing me to capture the “Bond of Love.” And we left feeling happier,” shared Peter Delaney.

Wildlife photographer loves black and white photography, so these pictures are done in his style. Scroll down to see these warm and sweet photos! It’s a bond of love that will last forever!


Wild Elephants with relaxing music

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