Unfortunate incident caught in South African game reserve

An embarrassed elephant somehow managed to get things wrong in a game reserve in South Africa when an untimely bout of diarr.hea ruined his lovemaking feat.

Sho.cked by his well-timed dunghill, the confused beast fell backward, completely ruining the romance.

Quickly getting to his feet, hoping his ma.te wouldn’t notice, the poor pachyderm then turned away, clearly too humiliated to make eye contact.

Awkward: Moments before getting it on, the male elephant feels something else stirring down below

Extending his trunk by apologizing, it quickly became apparent that the frustrated female stormed out, leaving him behind.

The hilarious moment was captured on camera by Quintin van der Merwe, 30, from Hazyview.

A full-time guide for an elephant tour and safari company, Quintin was taking guests on a tour in the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve when he caught the failed lovemaking.

And he’s gone: The elephant slips over in his own mess, hitting the ground with some considerable impact

“We had elephant herds breeding around us and quite close, about 20 meters away,” he said.

‘I was busy filming a series of short videos of the action around us, the herd was having fun, and by chance, I saw one elephant trying to bond with the other.

‘I immediately zoomed in, but when the elephant fell, it was a complete surprise and not something I’ve seen before.

The hilarious moment was captured on camera by Quintin van der Merwe, 30, from Hazyview, South Africa
Too humiliated for eye contact: The male gets back on his feet but isn’t quite ready to face his ma.te again

‘The elephant lost its balance while trying to climb and fell to the ground. This is very funny to watch, especially when he stands up. He seems so embarrassed.

‘It was a hilarious event that happened before my eyes, but the whole rebuilding process was so much fun, as we spent about 20 minutes watching a very playful family of elephants.’

Let’s hope the poor guy will be more successful next time.

‘it was a complete surprise and not something I have ever seen before,’ said photographer Quintin

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