Video 73-year-old a.bused elephant cries during rescue

Working with an animal rescue organization was difficult, as several animals were in an unfortunate situation.

However, you have the opportunity to alleviate the suffering of these defenseless souls and to experience joy when they are free from difficult lives.

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A female volunteer working with the Save Elephant Foundation recently had the opportunity to help a 73-year-old elephant, Sook Jai, who lives in captivity. The gentle giant had lived a life in captivity for a long time.

Unfortunately, she was abused by all her previous owners. Sook Jai was forced to work as a tourist and had to do several other jobs. However, as he grew older, he had health problems.

As a result, the poor elephant became blind and almost deaf. Fortunately, volunteers from the Save Elephant Foundation (Thailand) have taken the initiative to save Sook Jai.

Joan Baez chose to sponsor the elephant to live in peace for the rest of his life, which he deserved. But unfortunately, the poor soul had many injuries to her head and body when she was saved.

When everything was resolved, a group of volunteers traveled to pick up Sook Jai. It would be an arduous journey for the elephant, as she had to travel 20 hours by road to reach her new home.

However, the rescue teams made sure to help Sook Jai feel comfortable throughout the trip. They knew the elephant was hungry, but she was so exhausted and tired that she refused to eat.

The lifeguards helped her warm up when it was cold at night and cooled her body temperature when it was warm outside. Sook Jai had never felt a love like that before, and at some point, she became so emotional that she started to cry.

Finally, the poor elephant knew she was free. After an exhausting journey, Sook Jai and the volunteers arrived at the sanctuary. The elephant was happy to be home.

Watch the video below

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