VIDEO Rescuers Break Pond Wall To Help Wild Elephant Trapped Inside

Wildlife rescuers in China had the opportunity to save an Asian elephant using a sledgehammer and creative thinking.

According to Within Edition, a group of four elephants mistakenly fell into an artificial concrete fishing pond in the Chinese province of Yunnan, and concerned witnesses asked wildlife authorities for help.

Watch the video below

When rescuers appeared, an elephant remained in the fishing pond, but it quickly became apparent that it had not succeeded in getting out of the water.

The Globe Wildlife Fund reports that Asian elephants are on the brink of extinction and their numbers are declining.

That’s why it’s more important than ever for communities to come together to protect themselves. Rescue teams realized that they needed to help the elephant get out of the pond, but it wouldn’t be easy, since they normally weigh around 11,000 pounds.

The elephant had trouble trying to get out of the cement pond, and then a rescuer had a brilliant idea.

He picked up a sledgehammer and began to tear down the concrete wall and break pieces to reduce them.

It’s not a concept that a lot of people would have thought of, but it worked! When part of the wall broke off, the elephant rose from the pond to a dry, solid ground.

According to Inside Edition, the elephant watched rescuers for a few minutes before returning to nature.

Watch the video below

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