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Young elephants play fighting caught on camera

A pair of elephants was captured on camera as they engaged in some rough and messy fights.

Wildlife photographer Samuel Cox, 33, witnessed two baby elephants entertain themselves by fighting during a trip to Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, South Africa.

“We were with a herd of very calm elephants in the morning, and these two young had a playful fight right next to us,” he said.

“Looking at these pictures may seem scary, but it is a wonderful and calming experience.

“I have been in a lot of similar situations and can tell the difference between aggression and mischief in a herd of elephants – so I was never fearful of any potential aggression being turned on us.

“The play lasted about five minutes, and no one came out as a clear winner. It was a bit of a draw, if you ask me.

“Elephants are amazing animals. One of the best experiences you can have while hunting is being around a large herd of relaxed individuals.

“They are really gentle giants, and that’s why I love doing what I do.”

Wild Elephants with relaxing music

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