Enchanting Moment: Miniature Elephant’s First Steps Captured in Mana Pools

In a heartwarming and reminiscent scene straight out of Disney’s Bambi, an adorable video captured the precious moment when a newborn elephant took its very first steps.

This enchanting encounter was documented by Caroline Deschuymere, a wildlife photographer from Belgium, during her expedition in the stunning Mana Pools of Zimbabwe’s Mwinilunga Safaris.

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Caroline’s day at the camp took an unexpected turn when a pregnant elephant made her way to the grounds and gave birth to her precious calf.


The touching experience unfolded as the baby elephant attempted its inaugural strides and, in true learning fashion, took a gentle tumble to the ground.

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Located in the picturesque Mana Pools of Zimbabwe, Mwinilunga Safaris witnessed the incredible sight of a young elephant struggling to stand up and walk, all the while under the watchful eye of its mother.

The little calf faced a balancing act as it stretched its trunk and swayed its tail in a charming attempt to maintain stability on its unsteady legs.


At one point, the hesitant elephant took its first step, only to gently fall to the ground.

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Undeterred, the determined youngster made another effort but again toppled over, this time on its trunk.

This baby elephant’s challenging journey to walk for the first time was filled with endearing moments of triumph and stumbling.


With a heartwarming twist reminiscent of Bambi’s struggles on the ice in Disney’s classic, the young elephant initially had difficulty staying on its feet.

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However, it quickly learned from its missteps and soon found its stride alongside its mother.

Caroline observed that her usual morning wildlife photography sessions often focused on African wild dogs or lions due to their higher activity levels.


As she was observing elephants in their natural habitat, Caroline couldn’t help but notice the uncanny resemblance of the newborn elephant to Bambi from Disney’s beloved film.

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She had initially intended to photograph other animals that day, but her attention was captured by the endearing baby elephants meandering around the camp.

While she watched them, she had the privilege of witnessing a mother elephant giving birth to her calf.


With a gentle gaze, the mother elephant kept a vigilant eye on her young one as they journeyed through the expansive safari.

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The little calf struggled to keep pace, but the mother’s love and guidance guided him on his path.

The determined young calf displayed an impressive level of perseverance as he proudly took his first wobbly steps in front of his mother.


Caroline Deschuymere observed the calf’s hour-long struggle to stand due to its bent legs. It had to learn the art of stretching its legs and mastering the balance required for walking.

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Despite appearing unsteady, like a youngster learning to walk, the calf refused to give up.

Ultimately, with the assistance of its older sibling, it managed to maintain its footing and take those memorable first steps, leaving Caroline in laughter at the adorable sight.


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