Endangered No More? Baby Asian Elephant’s Birth Marks a Hopeful Milestone at Taronga Western Plains

Taronga Western Plains Zoo recently celebrated a significant milestone – the birth of a healthy male Asian elephant calf.

Born just yesterday, the baby has already showcased his strength and vitality by taking his first steps within 24 hours of arrival.

The still-unnamed baby elephant, who has captured hearts with his adorable and shy demeanor, initially remained close to his mother, Thong Dee.


However, it wasn’t long before his adventurous spirit shone through as he explored his surroundings, punctuating his exploration with the occasional roar.

New Dumbo at Dubbo! An adorable baby Asian elephant has been born at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in New South Wales.

The newborn’s mother, Thong Dee, is in excellent health post-birth, marking a triumphant first for the zoo.

According to Matthew Fuller, the zoo director, this successful birth is a testament to the tireless efforts of their committed keepers and veterinary team.


He further emphasized the importance of this event in their zoo’s history spanning nearly four decades, expressing his joy over this contribution to securing the future of this endangered species.

Adorable! The male calf was born yesterday afternoon and is already up and about on his feet and doing well.

Echoing these sentiments, Glenn Sullivan, an elephant survivor, applauded the smooth progression of the birth.

He noted that Thong Dee and her calf comfortably settled into the elephant barn, displaying encouraging signs of maternal behavior.


New South Wales Environment Minister Mark Speakman praised the event as ‘tremendous news,’ confirming the satisfaction of the veterinary team with the baby elephant’s progress. Thong Dee mated with the calf’s father, Gung, in Sydney before she relocated to the zoo in Dubbo.

So cute: The newborn, who is yet to be named, was seen tentatively taking some of his first steps around his paddock.
‘Thong Dee is doing a magnificent job, and the successful birth is a tribute to the hard work of our keepers and veterinary staff,’ zoo director Matthew Fuller said.

The zoo will allow the mother and calf ample time for bonding before they make their public debut.

As a part of this exciting phase, Taronga Zoo is set to roll out a competition for naming the new baby elephant.


Asian elephants, an endangered species with a global population ranging from 410,000 to 650,000, face the threat of extinction within the next two decades at the current rate of decline. With this birth, a beacon of hope shines a little brighter for their survival.

The baby boy looked to be a little shy at first, staying close to his mother’s side, but before long he was letting out the occasional roar as he wandered around his new home.
Mother and son: The calf’s mother, Thong Dee, is also doing well after the birth, which is the first to take place at the zoo.
New arrival: The mother and calf will be given time to bond before they appear together for the public.
Name that elephant: Taronga Zoo is expected to launch a competition to choose a name for the calf.

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