Enraged Elephant Strikes Week-Old Calf in South African National Park, Stopped by Fellow Adult

A distressing video has emerged from Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa, capturing an agitated male elephant striking a week-old calf with its trunk.

The ordeal ended when another adult elephant intervened to protect the young one.

Photographer Duncan Noakes filmed the incident, which began when the infant elephant strayed too close to the irate adult.


Watch the video at the end.

The baby cried out in pain as the powerful trunk hit it on the backside.

Image 239
The incredible footage recorded by photographer Duncan Noakes shows the baby being whacked on its backside when it stands too close to the adult – causing it to cry out in pain. Source: Daily Mail

In an attempt to escape, the frightened calf ran past the enraged elephant, only to be struck again. The assault ceased when the calf found refuge beside its mother.


The situation was defused by the appearance of another adult elephant, which charged at the attacker, prompting it to retreat hastily.

Image 240
As it attempts to escape, the terrified baby runs in front of the furious adult and is thumped on its backside again. Source: Daily Mail
Image 241
The attack finally ends when the elephant runs to the safety of its mother and stands beside her. Source: Daily Mail
Bad Tempered Elephant Hits Baby With Massive Trunk Before Mum Intervenes 2
Source: Daily Mail
Bad Tempered Elephant Hits Baby With Massive Trunk Before Mum Intervenes 1
Source: Daily Mail

Watch the video below:

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