Escape Adventure: Elephant Roams Free in Italy, Delights Onlookers

A remarkable incident occurred in Southern Italy as a giant elephant escaped from a circus and was seen wandering through the streets.

Captivating footage captures this elephant with distinctive large ears casually strolling along a bustling road flanked by mountains.

Watch the video at the end.


The video, filmed by a person in their car, features amused commentary: “He’s going for a stroll. An elephant at the Eurospin [supermarket]!”

Image 622
A giant elephant has been spotted on the loose in southern Italy after escaping from a circus

Local reports confirm that the elephant, broken free from a nearby circus, was recaptured and returned.

This escapade prompted lively reactions on social media. One Twitter user exclaimed, “Brilliant,” while another expressed, “How fun.”

Image 623
Surprising footage shows the big-eared giant heading for a supermarket in Calabria as it strolls along a busy road surrounded by mountains

Interestingly, this elephant’s escapade comes on the heels of a recent incident in Berlin, Germany, where what was initially thought to be a lioness on the loose prompted a large-scale search involving over 220 armed police officers.

However, the search was eventually called off when it was determined that the presumed lioness was, in fact, a wild boar.

Authorities assured the public that there was no immediate threat in Kleinmachnow, a suburb of Berlin, and officially discontinued the hunt.

Image 624
A person filming from their car can be heard laughing and saying: ‘He’s going for a stroll’ 

Despite the initial confusion, experts who examined the available video evidence concluded that the creature spotted was more likely a wild boar.

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