Extremely rare white lion cub captured in the wild is an ordinary pup

These stunning photos taken at the famous Kruger National Park show an extremely rare white lion cub playing with its golden siblings.

The amazing photos were taken by Lyle McCabe, a 30-year-old wildlife photographer.

“I was completely concerned with this scene. We knew the cubs had been born about a month before, but according to company protocol, we left the area to walk, track and drive off-road to keep the animals safe.”

“I arrived and waited for about ten minutes before we saw movement in the bushes, and the mother with a tawny cub in her mouth followed closely behind the pale youngster.”

“My family and friends have been overwhelmed by what I saw. The other guides I work with felt a mixture of excitement and deep envy.”

The little White Lion has leucistic, a condition similar to albinism, but it only causes partial loss of pigmentation rather than a complete loss.


The cub has been treated no different despite its appearance, although it may face some problems in the future.

“We all hope that all the cubs will pass the important two-year mark, which will greatly increase their survival rate.”

“Hopefully, we will see many times this scarce genetic change. The road ahead will be a tough one for all the cubs but especially for this white boy. ”

“Not only will he make things difficult for himself while hunting in his white coat, but he will likely hinder his siblings’ chances of survival by giving up their position away, either at the den sight or hunting with the rest of the pride. “

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