Extremely Rare White Raven on the Road to Recovery at B.C. Wildlife Center

A rare white raven discovered malnourished and unable to fly is now receiving care at the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre on Vancouver Island. The bird was found in the Oceanside area and brought to the center by a concerned citizen.

Derek Downes, an animal care technician at the facility, explained that the bird is a leucistic raven, not a true albino.

Leucistic ravens have some melanin, whereas albino birds lack it entirely. White ravens have been spotted in the Oceanside area, earning them the nickname “Oceanside Sacred White Raven,” but their sightings remain rare.

The absence of melanin in white ravens leads to poor feather conditions and weakened immune systems, making it difficult for them to reach adulthood. However, this particular raven’s grey-tipped wings suggest a higher level of melanin, increasing its chances of survival.

The rare white raven has been at the center since last week. Source: North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre.

The unnamed raven is showing signs of improvement under the center’s care, receiving tube feedings and antibiotics. Downes expressed hope for the bird’s recovery, noting that they are doing everything possible to ensure its well-being.

The raven is fed via a tube multiple times a day. Source: North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre

The North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre currently houses six other ravens unable to return to the wild, providing them with a lifelong home.

The staff hopes that the rare white raven will regain its strength, learn to eat independently, and eventually be released back into its natural habitat.

Via: Globalnews

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