Fearless 4-Year-Old Bonds with 6-Ton Elephant: Safe Encounter or Risky Move?

A heartwarming video from Zimbabwe captured the brave encounter of a 4-year-old boy, the son of a wildlife photographer, with a 6-ton African elephant.

The young boy fearlessly approached the massive creature to “say hello” and even petted it on the trunk while it peacefully grazed.

In the video, the mother, Lesanne Fowler, expresses amazement at her son’s calmness, saying, “God, he’s unbelievable, just so chilled.”


However, some commenters on the YouTube video questioned the safety of the encounter, suggesting reckless endangerment by the parents.

The video and initial description didn’t fully convey that the encounter occurred at the Imire Game Park in Zimbabwe, where elephants and giraffes frequently interact with people. Photos on the park’s Facebook page showcase the closeness between these magnificent animals and humans.

When questioned about the boy’s safety, Fowler clarified that he approached the elephant independently, but there were handlers just a few meters away. The park’s familiarity with people and children makes such interactions less risky than they may seem.


Fowler explained that her son has a remarkable connection with animals, and she wants to nurture this bond while taking necessary precautions. She asserted that he was not in any danger during the encounter.

The Imire Game Park, situated in Wedza, Headlands, offers visitors an opportunity to experience the magic of wildlife up close.

The park encourages guests to relish world-class food and hospitality at Imire Lodge or even volunteer with elephants and rhinos, contributing to crucial conservation efforts.


The heartwarming video of the young boy bonding with the gentle giant showcases the beauty of human-animal connections when handled responsibly and in appropriate settings.

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