Fearless Elephant Defends Herd by Drenching Bold Leopard in Epic Encounter

In a dramatic encounter at Etosha National Park, Namibia, a daring leopard got more than it bargained for when it crossed paths with a herd of 15 elephants.

The curious big cat, seeking a drink from the same waterhole as the elephants, found itself in an unexpected face-off.

Image 424
The leopard had been stalking the herd of 15 elephants when one decided to give it a good hosing to scare it off

Captured by Swiss photographer Mark Müller, 46, the remarkable incident unfolded at the Kalkeuwel water hole. While the elephants playfully splashed and sprayed water on their backs, a leopard calmly entered the open area and began lapping up water without a hint of fear.


Despite the elephant’s surprise at the cat’s boldness, they soon decided to show it who was boss. In an act of intimidation, the elephants encircled the leopard, signaling it to back off. Undeterred, the leopard hesitated near a giraffe, perhaps underestimating its danger.

Image 425
The leopard was spotted by Swiss photographer Mark Müller, in Etosha National Park in Namibia

Seizing the opportunity, one of the elephants filled its trunk with water and swiftly released a powerful jet, sending the leopard scampering for safety.

The stunning moment lasted only a few seconds, leaving Müller, with his trusty Nikon F4 camera, in awe of the rare spectacle he had just witnessed.


“I do not think I breathed from the moment the leopard started walking between the elephants to the waterhole,” Müller said. “The shower was so unexpected, and I was fortunate to have captured it – that sequence took maybe two seconds.

Image 426
The elephant loomed over the leopard as it stalked the herd

I knew immediately that I had witnessed something extraordinary. It is already elusive enough to observe leopards in the wild, but this was one-of-a-kind.”

The showdown showcased the elephants’ unity in protecting their herd and demonstrated the awe-inspiring force of nature’s pecking order.


Such encounters remind us of the delicate balance in the wild, where respect for each species’ space is essential for survival.

Image 427
The leopard tried its luck against the herd at the Kalkeuwel waterhole but came away with a soaking

In the surroundings, other animals like giraffes and zebras wisely sensed danger and kept their distance, leaving the elephants to deal with the bold intruder uniquely.

The striking image captured by Müller serves as a powerful reminder of the untamed beauty and unpredictability of the animal kingdom, where every moment holds the potential for extraordinary events.

Image 428
Mr. Müller said it was a ‘one of a kind’ experience to capture the two-second tussle

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