Fearless Photographer Captures Lion’s Roar and Cheeky Grin in Kenya

Wildlife photographer Gren Sowerby, 69, experienced the “shock of his life” during a safari in Maasai Mara, Kenya, when he found himself up close and personal with a roaring lion.

Despite the surprise, Sowerby continued snapping pictures, capturing the lion’s cheeky grin following the mighty roar.

Sowerby had approached the lion, crossing a stream with a lioness, when it suddenly bared its teeth and roared. According to the photographer, the lion’s message was clear: “I’m the King of the jungle.” The subsequent grin seemed like a playful wink.

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Gren Sowerby, 69, capturing the amazing moment that a lion (pictured) roared before flashing a cheeky smile while on safari in Maasai Mara, Kenya, in September. Source: Daily Mail
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Mr. Sowerby, from Whitley Bay in Northumberland, spotted the lion crossing the stream with a lioness. Moments later, the lion grinned similarly to when someone ‘winks at you to say like: haha!’, according to Gren. Source: Daily Mail

The lion’s size and scale left Sowerby in awe. He told SWNS, “From him being very still and quiet, then for him to let out a big boom was quite something.” Sowerby was thrilled to have captured the majestic “King of the Jungle” in action.

The Whitley Bay, Northumberland native frequently embarks on safaris and enjoys photographing wildlife.

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The photographer says he regularly goes on safaris and says the lions are ‘used to cars and tourists’ as they have ‘grown up’ surrounded by the group trips (file image). Source: Daily Mail

Sowerby noted that the animals are accustomed to cars and tourists. After returning home, he was delighted with the photos he had taken.


Facebook users have shared their impressions of the images, with some expressing relief that Sowerby was not harmed and others expressing admiration for the captivating photographs.

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