Fisherman Discovers Rare Blue Lobster and Returns It to the Ocean

A fisherman from Portland, Maine, recently had an extraordinary encounter when he caught an incredibly rare bright blue lobster at sea.


However, instead of keeping the unique crustacean, he returned it to its watery habitat. This remarkable discovery was captured in a photo shared by tech entrepreneur Lars-Johan Larsson.

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The blue lobster was reeled off the coast of Portland, Maine, a well-known location for its lobster-rich waters. Larsson shared the captivating image along with an explanation of its significance.

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“This blue lobster was caught off the coast of Portland yesterday and returned to the water to continue to grow. Blue lobsters are one in 2 million,” he wrote.

What makes this lobster’s appearance so unusual is a genetic mutation that causes its shell to sport a vibrant blue hue, starkly contrasting with most lobsters’ usual red or brown shells.

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According to the Toronto Sun, this mutation leads the lobster to produce an excess of a specific protein, resulting in its distinctive coloring.

Blue lobsters are incredibly rare, with only a few being spotted among the millions of lobsters caught for consumption. As reported by BBC, fishermen consider catching a blue lobster to be a sign of good luck.

In North Atlantic waters, where most lobsters are caught, they typically appear greeny-brown and turn pinkish-red when cooked.

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Charlie Ellis, a researcher at the UK’s National Lobster Hatchery, explained that European lobsters display a somewhat duller blue shade, making blue lobsters less surprising to European fishermen than their North American counterparts.

While blue lobsters stand out for their uniqueness, even rarer lobster colors exist, such as yellow, orange, and crystal-colored lobsters.

The Lobster Institute states that yellow lobsters comprise about one in 30 million lobster population. In contrast, the odds of encountering an albino or “crystal” lobster are estimated at one in 100 million.

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Notably, some restaurants have gained attention for finding blue lobsters among their catches and choosing to spare these vibrant creatures. Austin Hopley, a chef at “The Hare” in Rochdale, UK, made headlines for saving a bright sapphire-colored lobster he named Larry.

Hopley’s decision was motivated by a desire to do what he considered morally correct, leading him to send the lobster to Sea Life in Manchester for its continued survival.

Hopley’s action reflects a growing sentiment that these unique creatures deserve a chance at life rather than ending up on a menu.


Brendan Malone, a curator and marine expert from Sea Life, emphasized the importance of such actions in educating the public about these extraordinary creatures and their role in the ecosystem.

In a world where the mundane can sometimes dominate, discovering a remarkable blue lobster reminds us of our oceans’ beauty and diversity.

Whether caught by fishermen’s nets or saved by compassionate chefs, these rare creatures are a testament to the wonders of the natural world.


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Canidae has had recalls in the past. It's essential to stay updated with the brand's recall history to ensure your pet's safety.

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