From Abandoned Pup to Beloved Companion: The Heartwarming Journey of Carl the Pittie

In the heartwarming tale of Carl the Pittie, a mere 2-pound puppy found himself abandoned on a construction site, facing critical conditions.

Love Leo Rescue swiftly intervened to rescue the tiny canine, providing him with the care he desperately needed.

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Under the dedicated care of Love Leo Rescue, Carl received top-notch treatment, and remarkably, his health improved within just a few days.


Transitioning into foster care, Carl found solace and joy in the company of his foster siblings, embarking on a journey of healing and companionship.

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As fate would have it, Carl’s path led him to a loving forever home, where a compassionate woman welcomed him with open arms.

Each day, as Carl accompanies his new guardian to work, his life gains newfound meaning, filled with joy and the companionship of newfound friends.


Carl’s journey exemplifies resilience, love, and the power of second chances, from a fragile pup abandoned at a construction site to a cherished companion.

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