From Captive to Carefree: Bear Finds Inner Child’s Healing in Freedom from Circus Life

Some animals suffer from mistreatment, confinement, and forced performances in circuses, where audiences seek fun and entertainment.

Among them is Synochok, a bear who endured a life of captivity and exploitation in the circus. However, thanks to the White Rock Bear Shelter in Ukraine, he now enjoys the taste of freedom and has the opportunity to heal his inner child.

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Rescued from a family of circus trainers in 2018, Synochok spent years confined to a metal cage, unaware of life beyond its boundaries.

At the shelter, he was provided a spacious area to roam freely, but the transition to freedom was not easy. Uncertain and unfamiliar with the outside world, he hesitated to leave the cage he once called home.

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After more than two weeks of patient waiting, Synochok finally ventured out of his enclosure and experienced the thrill of grass, water, and open space.


Like a child rediscovering the world, he ran joyfully around his new surroundings. His name, meaning “Son” in English, suits him well, as he exhibits behaviors more typical of bear cubs rather than adult bears.

Despite his heartbreaking past, Synochok’s spirit remains as gentle as a teddy bear. Instead of displaying aggression, he directs his energy towards play, socializing with others, and interacting with humans.

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This once-captive bear cherishes every moment, basking in the sunlight, playing with water, and keeping his favorite ball close by. The shelter staff has a special place in his heart, and he delights in their presence, eagerly seeking their attention and communication.


White Rock Bear Shelter’s dedication to providing a better life for bears like Synochok has brought newfound happiness and contentment to these majestic creatures.

The hope is that more animals will be rescued from abusive environments, granting them the chance to heal their inner child and revel in the freedom they were meant to enjoy.

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If you’re interested in witnessing the delightful transformation of these rescued bears, the shelter welcomes visitors on tours.

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