From Crisis to Triumph: Remarkable Recovery of Orphaned Elephant Calf in Nairobi Sanctuary

In a dramatic rescue operation, the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) rangers raced against time to save an elephant calf’s life in critical condition near a water hole along the Mzima pipeline near the Ndii area of Tsavo East.

The vet and Voi stockade teams’ rapid response proved to be a lifeline for the endangered calf.

Image 1915

Upon arrival, the baby elephant was discovered lying flat on the ground, barely able to breathe.


The vet team acted swiftly, covering the calf with a blanket and administering 20 cc of dexamethasone Hcl through the ear vein.

Image 1916

A bolus of 50% dextrose followed this through a slow intravenous (IV) infusion.

The calf’s breathing and pulse began to show signs of improvement, prompting the team to implement additional measures such as antibiotics, Vitamin B12 complex, and more IV fluid therapy to stabilize the young elephant.


The successful intervention paved the way for the calf’s airlift to the Nairobi stockade for intensive care.

Image 1917

Under the vigilant care of dedicated handlers, the orphaned calf defied the odds, fully recovering.

Once regaining strength and health, the resilient youngster seamlessly integrated with other orphans in the Nairobi Nursery, marking a triumphant chapter in his journey from critical condition to a thriving life in the sanctuary.

Image 1918

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