From Shy to Sassy: A Heartwarming Transformation of a Rescue Donkey

When animals endure mistreatment from their previous owners, it leaves a deep emotional impact. The trauma can be profound whether they suffered physical abuse or were simply neglected.

One such animal was Irvin, a young donkey who was up for auction with an uncertain fate. His chances of being adopted and cared for correctly were slim, and his life hung in the balance.

Thankfully, the compassionate team at Solstice Sanctuary in Salem, Wisconsin, couldn’t bear to let this happen. Refusing to let Irvin go to an uncertain future, they took a bold step and won the auction, giving him a new chance at life.


Upon arrival at the farm sanctuary, Irvin encountered a host of other animals, but his overwhelming shyness kept him withdrawn. Yet, with tender loving care from the sanctuary staff and the companionship of other animals, a heartwarming transformation began to take place.

Image 183

In no time, the once timid donkey shed his shyness and emerged with newfound confidence and sass. He even developed a playful habit of chasing Bradley, the owner’s husband, all around the farm.

With a surge of energy, Irvin seemed unstoppable. His zest for life was especially evident when he played with a ball, reminiscent of an excited child, rolling, falling, and bouncing back up with pure joy.


Every animal craves love, and they give it back in abundance. Sometimes, it takes some support and encouragement to set them on the right path.

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Irvin’s journey began in adversity, leaving many uncertain about his survival. However, the care and love provided by the Solstice Sanctuary didn’t just aid his recovery; it ignited a new life within him, and his true personality began to shine.

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