Furry Family Love: Dog Steals Spotlight in Newborn Photoshoot!

Bentley Madsen may not have been a human baby, but he was their beloved fur child to Brandon and Kelly. However, when their human baby, Tyler, arrives, Bentley wants to be part of the action too.

Kelly describes Bentley as a goofy, funny, and affectionate 5-year-old Goldendoodle. Despite initially being unsure about introducing Tyler to Bentley, the couple took steps to ensure a smooth transition, including letting Bentley get used to Tyler’s scent before their first meeting.

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Bentley quickly became Tyler’s constant companion, even acting as a “baby monitor” by sensing when Tyler was upset before his parents did. As Tyler grew, so did his bond with Bentley, especially when he started sharing food.


When it came time for Tyler’s newborn photoshoot, Bentley insisted on being involved. No matter where Tyler was placed, Bentley would find a way to be by his side, showcasing their undeniable bond.

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As Tyler celebrated his first birthday, Bentley remained prominent in their family photos. Kelly looks forward to the adventures ahead for Tyler and Bentley, joking that Tyler might even say “Bentley” as his first word.

In this heartwarming tale, Bentley proves that dogs are part of the family, capturing hearts and stealing the spotlight in every photo.

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