Fury of Flames, Heart of a Hero: It runs back to its burning stable to steer another horse and a foal to safety

In a stunning display of natural bravery, a horse, amidst the chaos of California’s Easy Fire, returns to its flaming stable to lead fellow equine family members to safety, as revealed in a dramatic video.


The Easy Fire, blazing in Simi Valley, became a furious inferno on Wednesday, devouring more than 1,000 acres within three hours.

The footage captures ranchers, shrouded in orange flames and thick smoke, trying desperately to guide their horses to the safety of nearby Tierra Rejada Road.


One particular horse stands out: A tall, black horse reaches the safety of the highway but remarkably turns around to head back to the dangerous blaze.

Image 538
A shocking video shows ranchers struggling to herd their horses to safety in the midst of the Easy Fire in Simi Valley, California, and the moment a horse runs back to its burning stable to save other horses. Source: Daily Mail

It bravely enters the fenced-off ranch, steering two other horses, including a young colt, to the safety of the road.

Unfortunately, not all the horses could be saved amid the chaos and thick smoke. A 28-year-old mare had to be euthanized on the spot after breaking her front legs in an attempt to escape the fire, as reported by CBS.


On Wednesday, the Easy Fire sparked around 6:15 am in the hills along Tierra Rejada Road. Ferocious gusts of wind, reaching hurricane-like speeds of 74 mph, fueled the flames, charring more than 1,300 acres.

Image 539
The footage emerged Wednesday as the Easy Fire in Simi Valley quickly razed through over 1,000 acres of land in a matter of just three hours, showing this horse rescue its friends. Source: Daily Mail

This prompted Ventura County officials to order mandatory evacuations, impacting residents, and horses, and even endangering landmarks like the President Ronald Reagan Library.

Water and fire retardants dropped by helicopters shielded the library housing precious records from Reagan’s presidency, his Air Force One aircraft, and the final resting place of the late president and his wife from the fast-approaching flames.


The Easy Fire is just one of the multiple fires tormenting Southern California, forcing the evacuation of thousands, including celebrities, and leading to an urgent relocation of numerous horses in the region.

Image 540
After a rancher brought the black horse to safety onto Tierra Rejada Road, it circled around and ran back to corral two other horses, including a young colt, onto the highway. Source: Daily Mail
Image 541
Going back: This is the moment the black horse broke free and ran behind a wire fence on the ranch in Simi Valley. Source: Daily Mail
Image 542
Then a brown horse and young colt emerge and run along with the black horse, following it onto Tierra Rejada Road. Source: Daily Mail

During these devastating fires, stories of hope emerge, such as Prince Toby, a 16-year-old horse from the upscale Pacific Palisades neighborhood, who found safety at the Hansen Dam Horse Park stables and 125 other horses evacuated from the fire-ravaged areas.

Animal rescue authorities had to navigate police-escorted pathways to ensure Toby’s safe evacuation.


The rise in wildfires, made worse by climate change, has led to frequent horse evacuations. More than 200 horses found refuge from the Saddleridge Fire near the San Fernando Valley earlier this month, a stark reminder of the December 2017 Thomas fire that tragically claimed the lives of at least 54 horses.

Image 543
Just before dawn on Wednesday, Easy Fire erupted in Simi Valley, just 20 miles from downtown Los Angeles. The fire started around 6 am and, in a matter of just three hours, razed over 1,000 acres of land. Source: Daily Mail
Image 544
Pictures from the Tierra Rejada Road ranch show it on fire with three horses in front running for cover. Source: Daily Mail
Image 545
The rescue: This is the black horse that ran back to the ranch to rescue this young colt. Source: Daily Mail
Image 546
In the end, all the horses at the particular farm were brought to safety except for one who had to be euthanized for breaking her front legs trying to flee. Source: Daily Mail

These events have not only tested the resilience of Southern California, home to one of the largest horse-racing centers in the U.S. but also brought together a community committed to helping each other. Source: Daily Mail

Although the uncertainty hanging over families like the Hammarbergs, whose return home remains unknown, the spirit of unity and the heartwarming bravery shown by Prince Toby provide a beacon of hope amid the inferno.

Image 547
Harrowing photos from the wildfire’s effect on nearby ranches emerged Wednesday. Fabio Losurdo pictured comforting his horse, Smarty, at a ranch in Simi Valley as the Easy Fire razed through the area. Source: Daily Mail
Image 548
Ranchers evacuated horses from their burning ranches as the Easy Fire spreads near Simi Valley on Wednesday. Source: Daily Mail
Image 549
The flames of the Easy-Fire quickly spread as hurricane-force wind gusts at 74mph blew in a westerly direction, quickly scorching through over 1,300 acres of land. Source: Daily Mail
Image 550
A rancher pictured above removing their horse from a burning ranch in Simi Valley, California. Source: Daily Mail
Image 551
A rancher pictured tries to put out a fire in a henhouse in a burning ranch as the Easy Fire spreads near Simi Valley, North of Los Angeles, on Wednesday. Source: Daily Mail
Image 552
Towering billows of smoke took over the hills of the rural valley in the wake of a state-wide wildfire crisis. Source: Daily Mail

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Canidae has had recalls in the past. It's essential to stay updated with the brand's recall history to ensure your pet's safety.

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