Grateful Baby Elephant Devotedly Shadows Rescuer Everywhere

In some extraordinary cases, wild animals are in desperate situations where human intervention becomes crucial.

Such was the story of a baby elephant who owed her life to a compassionate woman, resulting in an unbreakable bond.

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Meet Moyo, an adorable elephant calf tragically separated from her herd at just a few days old. Alone, hungry, and filled with fear, she found herself at the mercy of a pack of hyenas.

To escape the imminent danger, she sought refuge in a nearby river. At precisely the right moment, it was there that a group of rangers happened to be present, changing the course of Moyo’s life forever.

Roxy Danckwert, the founder of the rescue organization where Moyo was brought for recovery, played a pivotal role in the young elephant’s salvation.


More than two years later, Moyo thrives under Roxy’s care, exhibiting unwavering gratitude by never leaving her side.

The remarkable connection between the two is evident as Moyo closely shadows Roxy’s every move. It’s as if she recognizes Roxy’s voice and scent and intuitively knows her whereabouts.

The depth of their bond continues to astound Roxy, who marvels at their unexplainable connection.


Witnessing the heartwarming bond between Moyo and Roxyiss is a powerful reminder of humans’ profound impact on the lives of animals in need.

The story of their extraordinary connection stands as a testament to the resilience and gratitude displayed by these incredible creatures.


Watch the video below:


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