Heart-wrenching Elephant Rescue Efforts Amidst Drought in Irima, Tsavo East

In a profoundly moving event in the Irima region of Tsavo East, an urgent distress call from tour drivers prompted the swift response of a veterinary team and the Voi stockade team.

Their mission: to aid an emaciated elephant calf discovered near a road, unable to stand and clearly in distress.

Image 1999

Upon arrival, the veterinary team administered 20 cc of dexamethasone Hcl through the calf’s ear vein, followed by a slow IV bolus of 50% dextrose.


The initial treatment showed noticeable improvements in the calf’s breathing and pulse.

Image 2000

Subsequent interventions included antibiotics, Vitamin B12 complex, and additional IV fluid therapy to stabilize the young elephant’s precarious health.

Despite the dedicated efforts of the veterinary and stockade teams, the calf’s condition remained critical.


Recognizing the severity of the situation, compounded by the ongoing impact of drought, a difficult decision was made to transport the calf to the Voi stockade for more intensive care.

Image 2001

Tragically, after five days of a valiant struggle involving treatment, feeding, and attentive care, the young elephant succumbed to the harsh effects of the prevailing drought.

This poignant incident serves as a solemn reminder of wildlife’s formidable challenges during environmental adversity.


The unwavering commitment of the veterinary and stockade teams reflects their dedication to providing optimal care to animals in distress.

Image 2002

Despite the heartbreaking outcome, their relentless efforts underscore the imperative of sustained conservation initiatives and the necessity to address broader issues affecting the well-being of wildlife in their natural habitats.

Image 2003

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