Heartbreaking Loss: Baby Elephant Rescued from Uncovered Drain Passes Away Due to Untimely Vet Absence

In a tragic turn of events, the courageous baby elephant, previously saved from a dangerous situation after falling into an uncovered drain in Sri Lanka, has passed away.

The young calf sustained a severe leg injury during the fall and was in critical condition at a transit home when the incident occurred.

Unfortunately, the rescue center’s only veterinarian responsible for the elephant’s care went on holiday on June 17.


As the calf’s condition worsened, authorities were left uncertain about how to provide proper care during the vet’s absence.

Image 291
The baby elephant who was rescued from an uncovered drain has died from injuries it sustained in the fall

Despite calling in another veterinarian on June 20, the little elephant couldn’t hold on and lost its life just three days later.

The rescue operation that had saved the baby elephant had been a heartwrenching scene. A dedicated team in Hambantota worked tirelessly to devise a plan to free the trapped elephant from the drain.


During the rescue, it appeared that another elephant, possibly its mother, anxiously watched from a distance, adding to the emotional intensity of the situation.

Image 292

After careful consideration, the rescuers decided to carefully chip away at the paving surrounding the drain, giving the distressed elephant more space to maneuver.

The team cautiously pulled the young animal to safety by employing ropes tied around the elephant’s feet.


One of the brave individuals involved in the rescue even supported the elephant’s legs while it was gently lifted from the drain.

Image 293
The rescuers tied ropes around the little elephant’s legs as they brought him up to the surface

Following the rescue, the baby elephant underwent a thorough examination before being transported to a nearby animal hospital. However, despite everyone’s efforts and dedication, the calf’s injuries proved too severe to overcome.

Hambantota, situated in the southern region of Sri Lanka, is known for its large population of wild elephants freely roaming the area.


While the loss of this baby elephant is deeply saddening, it serves as a reminder of the importance of wildlife conservation and the need for consistent and timely veterinary care to protect these majestic creatures.

Image 294
Following the elephant’s rescue, he was checked over and taken to a transit home, but his condition deteriorated

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