Heartbreaking Video Reveals Elephant’s 50-Year Struggle in Inhumane Chains

In a heart-wrenching video, the world meets Raju, an elephant who has endured 50 years of unimaginable cruelty, chained and trapped in a cycle of suffering.

Raju’s past is marred by trauma and sorrow. Since his birth, he has known nothing but captivity and daily torture. It is unfathomable how anyone could subject animals to such inhumane treatment.

When Wildlife SOS, based in North London, learned about Raju’s plight, they wasted no time coming to his aid.


They assembled a team of ten dedicated charity members, along with twenty Forest Department Officers and six policemen, and swiftly flew to India to rescue him. Raju’s sad story has touched the hearts of many.

Video A Poor Elephant Was Inhumanly Chained For 50 Yrs Youll Break Down When This Happens 0

The video depicts a man fearlessly and compassionately removing the chains that bound Raju’s legs and the massive spikes that had cruelly dug into his flesh with every movement.

These barbaric tools were used to control Raju’s every step, denying him the chance to fight back against his captors. With immense patience, Raju endures the process of liberation.
As the video concludes, we witness a transformed Raju.


Basking in the warm sunlight, he gently fans himself with leaves, finally experiencing the freedom he so rightly deserves.

The wounds on his leg have healed, symbolizing the hope and new beginning that awaits him. It is all thanks to the kindness and determination of these compassionate individuals.

Watch Raju’s extraordinary journey in the video below, and share your thoughts on the issue of animal cruelty in the comments section. Let us stand together to ensure that no creature suffers a fate like Raju’s ever again.


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