Heartbreaking Video Shows Dog’s Tears After Abandonment

AJ, a loyal 6-year-old dog, was distressed when he and his brother, Tony, were surrendered to Carson Animal Shelter in California.

The pitbull/Labrador Retriever cross, who had been through thick and thin with his owner, couldn’t contain his sorrow, as seen in a heart-wrenching video capturing him softly sobbing.

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Despite shelter staff describing AJ as an adorable pup with great energy, he seemed to grasp the gravity of the situation, shedding tears as he realized he was unwanted and confined to a cold kennel. AJ and Tony are stuck together in the shelter, showing signs of fear about their uncertain fate.


Efforts to comfort AJ by shelter workers fell short as he continued to cry in misery and confusion, as depicted in the viral video on Carson Animal Shelter’s Facebook page.

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The post revealed that AJ and Tonye had surrendered because their previous family couldn’t afford their care.

The video garnered widespread attention, leading to numerous adoption offers from compassionate individuals willing to provide AJ with the loving home he deserved.


Ultimately, a caring family adopted AJ and Tony together in February, ensuring they would not face separation again.

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This heartbreaking tale reminds us of dogs’ unwavering loyalty toward their owners and the profound impact of abandonment on these faithful companions.

Let’s ensure every dog finds a forever home filled with love and care, sparing them from the pain endured by AJ and Tony.

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