Heartrending Farewell: Parrot’s Unexpected Response to Dying Owner’s Goodbye Leaves Everyone in Tears

Losing a dear friend is a profoundly emotional experience, a universal truth that transcends species boundaries. The pain of parting ways is not unique to humans alone; animals, too, can feel profound sadness.

Surprisingly, those vibrant and intelligent parrots rank among Earth’s emotionally perceptive beings. They undergo a powerful and sincere mourning when they lose a cherished companion.

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This truth became poignantly evident through the story of Sinbad, a parrot whose connection with his owner spanned an incredible 25 years.

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In contrast to the occasional nips that some parrots are known for, Sinbad exhibited an extraordinarily gentle disposition.

This quality shone brightly in his final moments with his owner. Sinbad perched serenely on her arm as she lay motionless, a silent yet powerful presence.


Eventually, with quiet grace, he moved onto her stomach, his patient waiting for her farewell carrying a weight of emotion that tugged at the heartstrings.

The scene was captured on video by the woman’s daughter, whose own tears bore witness to the poignant and heartrending moment.

With a tremble in her voice and eyes glistening, she asked her distant-looking mother, “Do you have any last words?”


For a visual of this touching farewell, watch the video below:

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