Heartwarming Encounter: Baby Elephant Engages Playfully with Reporter

In a heartwarming incident, reporter Geoff Mayes took on the Plains Rally with a noble cause in mindβ€”to raise awareness about the alarming issue of poaching in Africa.

Adding a touch of charm to his mission, Geoff invited Komo, a delightful baby elephant, to join him on screen. However, as any experienced parent knows, things don’t always go according to plan when toddlers are involved!

Watch the video at the end.


Despite being just a baby, Komo far outweighs an average adult human. As Geoff begins discussing the ivory trade and its impact on elephants, Komo playfully interrupts with an adorable headbutt.

Managing the not-so-tiny baby’s exuberance becomes quite a task, yet Geoff cannot suppress his laughter.

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Like many others who witnessed the scene, I couldn’t help but be captivated as Komo playfully flaps his ears and seeks Geoff’s attention.


It’s evident that a special bond has formed between the two, and Geoff thoroughly enjoys interacting with the mischievous pachyderm.

Undeterred by the interruptions, Geoff continues his mission to shed light on the grave situation faced by elephants, stating, “We are currently losing a vast number of elephants to poachers, and elephants are very close to my heart.”

The existence of this video is a boon, as it draws attention to the pressing issue at hand. Komo’s endearing presence serves as a powerful ambassador for African elephants, making it difficult for anyone with a compassionate heart to fathom causing harm to this intelligent species.


Watch the video below:

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